Advanced PCB Cleaning Machine

This machine is used to remove the PCB surface dirty, elimination of static electricity



  • Touch screen controller, easy to operate
  • Parallel and smooth width adjustment (lead screw)
  • Multiple dust removal design: 1 set of spiral brush+vacuum dust removal+1 set of sticky drum +ion wind rod (blow ion wind), dust remove efficiency can up to 99%
  • Fully enclosed design ensures operational security
  • Small floor space
  • Compatible SMEMA interface
  • Drawer design, easy maintenance


Model Dimension (MM) PCB Size (MM) Weight (KG)
APCM-350 500*700*1195 50*50-445*350 120
APCM-460 500*810*1195 50*50-530*460 140
Item Technical Parameters
Speed 0-9 M/ Minute, adjustable
PCB thickness 0.6-5mm
Transport Height 900士20mm (Or customized)
Transport Direction From left to right, or right to left
Main power supply AC:110 or 220 V , 300W
Air Source 4~6Kgf/cm2