Automatic FPC Feeding machine- FF-450

This equipment is used to feed FPC automatically and implant into the fixture

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  • Automatically identify product direction
  • FPC is secondarily positioned by the lower camera, and the placement is more accurate
  • The steel sheet is automatically positioned by the image, and the placement is more accurate
  • One single fixture can implant multiple FPCs
  • FPC loading can be separated by paper or blister tray, which is more applicable
  • Independent research and development of software and hardware
  • Can be customized for Special FPCs


Item FF-450 Technical Parameters
Operation System Win10 operation interface
Control Technology Industrial computer+Motion control card+automatic image correction
Product program storage 1000 species
Production change indication Repeat production change for about 5-15minutes,new product change within 30 minutes.
Information Display Single chip cycle, total output, daily output, alarm information;other production information needs to be customize.
Precision 土0.1mm
Cycle time Fastest 15 Seconds
FPC Size 100*100-450*250 mm
Size of tray 100*100-520*330 mm
FPC supply mode Stacked automatic feeding or feeding through tray
Unload the seperate papers and tray Automatic grap and unload
Industrial Camera One 20million pixels and two 5million pixels
Recognition Accuracy 0.02mm
Carrying Fixture loading method Online guid rail feeding
Carrying Fixture loading direction Left in,right out/left in, left out/right in, left out /right in, right out/ (customize)
FPC loading method One fixture can be implanted with 1-4 FPCs (FPCs are required to be the same for multiple spells,special FPC can be customized)
Fixturer type Magnetic or normal
Fixture positioning method Block+ clamp cylinder positioning, PIN positioning for multy panelized board
FPC positioning method Steel sheet cover\Double-sided tape positioning
Air Source 4~6Kgf/cm2
Main power supply AC:220±10%,50/60Hz ,5KW