Automatic Magazine Feed Loader / Drop Stack

This machine is used to feed PCB from magazine into transceiver, and recycle the empty magazine



  • User friendly membrane control panel
  • Can increase board without disrupt
  • By pass mode provide
  • Top & bottom clamps to ensure magazine postion accurate
  • Good design guarantee No PCB will be broken during handling
  • Stacked board Loader and pallet conveyor compatible
  • Compatible SMEMA interface

Load Bare Boards from Stacks

For single-sided or first-side assembly, simply place a stack of PCBs, up to 240 mm (9.42″) tall, on the platform. An adjustable vacuum pick-up head transfers the PCBs, one by one, to the Magazine / Drop Stack Loader conveyor for entry into the production line. Automatic stack height sensing alerts the operator when the stack is low.

Load Partially Assembled PCBs from Magazines

For second-side assembly, full magazines are loaded onto the upper platform and automatically moved to the indexing elevator, which transfers the PCBs onto the buffer conveyor. Empty magazines are automatically shuttled to the lower platform.

Model Dimension (MM) PCB Size (MM) Weight (KG)
MFL-250 1850*855*1250 50*80-330*250 190
MFL-330 2185*935*1250 50*80-445*330 220
MFL-390 2320*994*1250 50*80-460*390 260


Item Technical Parameters
Magazine Transfer Quantity Upper 1, Lower 2;
PCB Load Speed Around 12 seconds (Or customized)
PCB Capability 400PCS (0.6mm thickness board)
Step distance 10/20/30/40mm or specify
Transport Height 900士20mm (Or customized)
Transport Direction From left to right or right to left
Main power supply AC:110 or 220 V , 300W
Air Source 4~6Kgf/cm2