Four-axis Rotary Automatic Soldering Machine FS-1

Fast heating and high efficiency.

For all kinds of electronic connectors, PCB board components, LED light strings, fuses, leads, headphone cables, computer data lines, small circuit boards and electronic components in the middle of the wire harness welding, widely used in satellite communications, power supply, charging Devices, motors, electronics, electrical appliances, automobiles and other industries.

Four-axis dual-head automatic soldering machine FS-H2 available


  • 360-degree rotary welding, welding different points at different angles;

  • The programming is simple and convenient, you can directly input the coordinates of the welding spot, realize online and offline programming, and can teach to reproduce the coordinates of the welding spot;
  • The handheld programmer has strong visibility and easy operation;
  • The multi-axis linkage manipulators are all driven by precision stepping motors and advanced motion control algorithms, which can effectively improve the positioning accuracy and repeatability of the end of the movement (soldering iron head).
  • Flexible and diverse soldering methods, supporting spot welding and drag welding at the same time, all process parameters can be set by the user to adapt to various difficult operations and micro soldering processes.
  • The intelligent temperature control system can quickly increase the temperature and decrease the temperature quickly. It takes only 10 seconds from the room temperature to the set temperature of 300℃, and it can return to temperature within 0.1 seconds (within a temperature difference of 10 degrees). The temperature error is ±1℃.
  • High-power high-frequency heating core, good horizontal grain effect, more stable welding quality;
  • High-strength soldering iron head multi-layer coating is resistant to high-temperature oxidation. With hundreds of soldering iron head forms, various soldering iron heads can be designed according to customer needs.
  • The stepping motor drives the tin feeding/breaking device, the tin feeding accuracy is higher;
  • According to different welding products, efficient welding jigs can be made.
Name Model Four axis automatic soldering machine FS-1
Range of motion X axis.Y axis 300×300(mm)
Z axis 100mm
R axis ±360º
Operating speed (PTP) X axis.Y axis 0.1~500mm/sec
Z axis
R axis 720º/sec
Load Tray 10Kg
Z axis 5Kg
Repeatability X.Y.Z axis ±0.02mm
Way of working Automatic (single tip, single station)
Drive method Single chip control card
Display method LCD color screen
Transfer method Japan microstepping motor
Tin accuracy ±0.05mm
Sports tweening function 3axis
External control interface RS232
Storage At least 100 groups, 4000 points for each group
Power supply AC220V 50HZ
Stand-alone power <2KW
Operating temperature 0~40ºC
Dimensions (L×W×H) 520×590×850mm
Body weight 68KG
Note: The size of the gauge can be customized, and the equipment with different number of axes.