OK and NG Parts Buffer Conveyer

This machine can buffer/ seperate the OK and NG board that inspected after AOI or SPl. OK boards will flow to next process, NG board will flow to upper conveyor of the machine, to wait for manual confirmation



  • Friendly LED Touch Screen
  • Wear-resistant anti-static belts for transmission; Convenient for belt replacement
  • Three operation modes :FIFO,FILO, Pass-through
  • Parallel and smooth width adjustment ( by lead screw)
  • Fast,Smooth and Accurate positions
  • Fully enclosed design ensure the safty
  • Compatible SMEMA interface
  • Small floor space


Model Dimension (MM) PCB Size (MM) Weight (KG)
NBC-350 1000*790*1640 50*50-460*350 300
NBC-460 1200*900*1640 50*50-530*460 330
Item Technical Parameters
Cycle time Around 10 seconds
PCB capability 20 PCS or customer specified
Transport Height 900士20mm (Or customized)
Transport Direction From left to right or right to left
Main power supply AC:110 or 220 V , 250W