Automatic Roll To Roll coverlay punching machine- RTR 4100

This machine is used for FPC’s coverlay profile process

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  • Wide compatibility, and can be used to produce coverlay, copper foil,tape and other rolled material die-cut forming; Compatible with hardware mould and quick change mould, and can be quickly switched(quick change mould needs to be equipped with a mould base)
  • Retractable mechanism Fully enclosed design ensures operational security
  • High automaticity , capable of fully automatic forming, and roll-to-roll function, Roll-to-piece mode, and has the function of coverlay retraction to prevent the molded adhesive damage of coverlay
  • Linear motor controls both sides to pull materials synchronously, and through tension control, there are effectively prevent the product fromswelling, shrinking and deforming.
  • The strip can be corrected automatically to prevent the strip from deviating
Item Technical Parameters
Operation System Win10 operation interface
Control Technology Industrial computer+Motion control board+automatic image correction
Product program storage 1000 species
Production change indication New product change within 30 minutes
suit for CVL size 250*260mm
Puching machine 25T servo puch
Accuracy 0.05mm
Puch Efficiency ≤ 3.5S per time
CVL Feed mode Role
Visual alligment system Two industry camera
CVL cutting mode Full cut or half cut
Visual conterpoint system Two 5million pixels CCDs
Air Source 4~6Kgf/cm2
Main power supply AC:380V,50/60Hz ,10KW, 2000KG