X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer/ RoHS and Halogen-Free Detector- RH1

  • Dual radiation protection system; user-friendly operation interface;
  • Easily handles the management of harmful heavy metal elements stipulated in the RoHS directive, including lead (Pb), mercury (Hg), cadmium (Cd), total bromine (Br), and total chromium (Cr), and also meets the detection requirements for the halogen-free directive concerning chlorine (Cl) and bromine (Br) elements
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Large sample chamber design, providing a larger space compared to traditional models

Adopting a new optical path design, the detection limit for the chlorine (Cl) element has been reduced

Offers an open work curve calibration platform, which can be customized to create a hazardous substance detection plan tailored to the user’s needs

Customizable test report output formats (such as Excel, PDF, etc.) are available according to user requirements, meeting various statistical and format requirements of the factory

Dimension 520mm(W)*400mm(D)*355mm(H)
Sample cavity size 420*320*65mm;
Test Element Range From S-U
Detection scope 1ppm-99.99%
Lower detection limit Pb≤5ppm,Cd/Cr/Hg/Br≤2ppm,Cl≤50ppm
Test sample type Solids, powders, and liquids
Test time Quick Mode:30S; Normal:100S
Energy resolution 145±5 KeV
Collimator φ10mm、(φ3mm spare)
Filter Automatic switching of 8 types of composite filters
CCD 3 million pixel high-definition CCD
Power AC220V~240V,50/60Hz, 300W
Weight Approximately 41.8Kg