Dual Chain Conveyor Lead-Free Reflow Oven- BT8AD

SMD reflow soldering machine

Mesh belt with guide rail, top eight heating zones and bottom eight heating zones, hot air above and hot air below


Features of dual chain conveyor Reflow Oven, eight heating zones :

Smooth and reliable transmission system:

  • Mesh Belt+Dual chain conveyor
  • Wear resistant, high-temperature resistant without deformation, with low heat absorption
  • The special width adjustment structure, with automatic extension devices for thermal expansion of guide rails at both ends, effectively ensuring the parallelism of the guide rails, preventing the occurrence of falling and jamming, free from cleaning, and easy to adjust.
  • The computer-controlled automatic refueling system can automatically refuel according to transportation speed and machine status, with adjustable flow rate
  • Delay shutdown protection, uniform cooling after the shutdown, prevent component deformation.

Advanced long life Turbocharged heating system

  • Adopting world’s leading small circulation technology, the entire furnace is divided into independent communities. When PCB welding is heated, the temperature curve is very high, making it very suitable for soldering small components in lead-free processes.
  • Upper and lower independent turbocharging heating modules, independent hot air circulation, with dual or triple welding zones set.
  • Each temperature zone adopts modular design, high-temperature resistant long axis hot air motor, and high thermal energy nickel chromium heating wire. Power is abundant, heat up fast, only need 20 minutes from room temperature to constant temperature.

Stable and reliable electrical control system

  • SIEMENS PLC, higher accuracy; Windows 7 system, easy to operate
  • Stage type forced cooling system to easily achieve the cooling rate of all kinds of lead-free solder paste requirements


Heating Module

  • Good air circulation
  • Better temperature uniformity
  • High heat efficiency
  • Heating module design, easy for maintenance and cleaning . Front & rear air circulation , ensure the accuracy and stability of temperature & air speed.


Flux Recovery system Module

  • No need to turn off the machine to maintain ( on-line maintenance)
  • Modular design for cleaning and maintenance (Remove without tooling)
  • Multi-level flux filtering to ensure high-activity processing( environmental friendly)

Conveyor system

  • The rails is using special aluminum alloy and doing hardness and oxidation treatment for anti-distortion and anti-wear
  • The rails is adopting two section structure design to enhance the bending resistance of the rail, anti distortion
  • Special width adjustment and conveyor structure design to ensure PCB conveying stable and reliable.
  • Manual (for emergency) + electrical width adjustment structure design
  • PCB Equipped with emergency manual conveyor structure to prevent PCB burned when the power is off.

Cooling System:

  • Fulfill lead-free welding quick-cooling requirement;
  • Prevent the components and PCB deform;
  • Convenience and easy to maintenance;
  • Inter-changeable between air cooling and water cooling system

Overall dimension diagram

Heating and cooling system diagram


SMD Dual Chain Conveyor Reflow Oven – Specification BT8AD
Dimension L5000*W1600*H1500
Net weight about 2500Kg
General power 68KW
Power consumption Approx.18KW
Power Supply 3PH 380V 50HZ
Controlling type SIEMENTS PLC + PC controlling
Transport Width 50-300 mm*2
Component Height Top 30mm/ Bottom 20mm
Tunnel Length 3000mm
Heating Zone 8 temp zones
16 heating modules
Temp. control method PID & SSR driving
Temp. setting range Room temperature-300℃
Temp. control precision ±1℃
Temp. deviation on PCB ±2℃
Flux Recovery Standard
Cooling Type Upper 2+ Bottom 2 cooling zone (air cool)