Titanium Alloy Lead-Free Tin Furnace–SE series

Small manual immersion welding equipment

This soldering pot with high-purity titanium material is widely used in aviation, chemistry, biological research and other fields


Square high-temperature lead-free tin furnace

Suitable for high and low temperature soldering of various types of wires and other molten tin.

Dual digital display, adjustable from 0 to 600 degrees, intuitive and accurate.

The lead-free tin pot is made of imported pure titanium plate by stretching, and after high-temperature anti-corrosion treatment, it has better temperature resistance and anti-corrosion performance, with a long service life.

The temperature control part adopts an intelligent microcomputer PID chip, which has a one click self-tuning and saving function, phase-shifting trigger control, and stable temperature.

Efficient and energy-saving infrared heating element, which can work in a high temperature environment of 600 degrees for a long time, is environmentally friendly, energy-saving, and reduces consumption.


TA1 thickened titanium plate containing more than 99.56% titanium, which has been processed by high temperature baking, with a working temperature of 0-600℃, can be used for a long time at high temperature;

It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, acid resistance, non-stick tin, and all have SGS certification reports, making it the best choice for lead-free soldering;

Pivotal Independently Developed Heating Core

Eliminating outdated and outdated heating technology, CMW has independently developed an infrared heating core with a temperature control sensitivity of 0.1 ℃, rapid heating; It saves energy, reduces power consumption, and improves heating efficiency by more than 50%, making heat conduction more scientific


Integrated Upgraded Temperature Control Board

Dual digital display, internal use of micro intelligent system, more intuitive and consistent display of actual temperature and set temperature in the furnace.

Linear heating temperature control has PID self-tuning technology, solid-state relay output, temperature compensation function, accuracy reaches 0.1 ° C, temperature error ± 2 ° C


Ultra Thick Aluminum Silicate Insulation Cotton

Strong insulation material, imported aluminum silicate insulation, excellent insulation effect, enhanced insulation effect, reduced power consumption, ultra-low thermal conductivity; Excellent thermal and chemical stability, free from binders and corrosive substances


Standard SE-10 Dimension

Model Power Temperature Solder Pot Capacity Dimension(mm) Solder Port dimension
SE-3 350W Room Temp-600℃ 1.32kg 266L*145W*115H 55*55*45 2.4kg
SE-5 500W Room Temp-600℃ 2.30kg 327L*175W*115H 100*70*45 3.4kg
SE-6 600W Room Temp-600℃ 2.70kg 327L*175W*115H 110*80*45 3.4kg
SE-8 800W Room Temp-600℃ 3.20kg 327L*175W*115H 100*100*45 3.4kg
SE-9 900W Room Temp-600℃ 4.50kg 397L*205W*115H 140*100*45 4.2kg
SE-10 1000W Room Temp-600℃ 5.70 kg 397L*205W*115H 160*110*45 4.5kg
SE-12 1200W Room Temp-600℃ 8.20kg 446L*245W*115H 180*140*45 5.3kg
SE-15 1500W Room Temp-600℃ 9.80kg 446L*245W*115H 200*150*45 5.5kg
SE-18 1800W Room Temp-600℃ 13.1kg 536L*285W*115H 250*160*45 7.7kg
SE-20 2000W Room Temp-600℃ 18.3kg 536L*285W*115H 280*200*45 7.8kg