LED Board Automatic Pick-Place Machine LM-8

Use the most convenient positioning block, base plate origin positioning method to fix position. The Positioning is highly accurate (Precision less than 0.05 mm). Mounting angle range0-360°and the precision is 0.1°.

Every picking nozzle is an independent rotation angle, moreover added 8 cameras of components recognition.

In addition to place the traditional long led tube light, also can place bulb light, down light, spot light,ceiling light,LED fence light, LED driving power supply, copper wire string light and so on.



Panasonic Servo Motor

High precision, fast speed, stability, and strong adaptability


Japan THK Lead Screw

High transmission efficiency, high positioning accuracy, and long service life


Taiwan HIWIN Guide rail

High precision, high load, high rigidity


Germany Flight photography camera

Fast speed, accurate positioning, fast calculation, fast adjustment, and no lag


YAMAHA same head


Panasonic negative pressure detection table:Good stability, strong controllability, achieving high-precision sensing

Fiducial Mark Accurate automatic positioning and improved amount accuracy

Item Full Automatic Multi-function Pick-Place Machine LM-8
Board size max 600×390 mm, 1200mm for option
Maximum moving range X axis 650mm,Y axis 450mm
Mounting head 8 Heads
Z axis Maximum moving range 12mm
Max placement speed 50000CPH (Optimum)
Movement precision ±0.05mm
Positioning method MARK point camera+8 sets SONY visual camera position
Cmponents type 0402 and LED chips 3528,5050, DOB,SOP,SOT chip placement, power driver,control board etc placement and
compatible with all kinds of high power chip mount.
Types of production LED tube light,soft LED strip light,power supply driver,fence light,display module,switch
display screen etc multi LED application products
Programming method Automatic Visual camera Positioning programming
Belt type feeder 8mm,12mm,16mm,and 24mm feeder
Number of feeders 28 pcs of standard 8mm feeder
Operating system WINDOWS7
Power supply 220V,50Hz,2.0KW
Apparent power 2.2 kVA
Operating air pressure 0.5±0.05MPa
Machine dimensions (W x D x H) ※6 1330MM(L)*1400MM(W)*1450MM(H)
Mass (approximately) 1,500kg