Hanwha Advanced High Speed Flexible Mounter SM Plus

The SM series component placers Hanwha Techwin’s best sellingn products.

Convenient in-line operation through unification of main modules and in-line platform


SM Series Common Feature

On-the-fly Placement Method: Owing to Techwin’s own On-the-fly image recognition technology which allows component recognition without stopping while moving after component pickup,placement speed is maximized by minimizing the moving time between the pickup position and placement position and reducing the recognition time to zero.

The highest applicability to long and large PCBs among machines of the same class

Description Single Lane Dual Lans
SM471PLUS Max.610(L)x460(W) Max.610(L)x250(W)
SM481PLUS Max.1,500(L)x460(W)
SM482PLUS Max.1,200(L)x510(W)
When applying an option for a large PCB

Mixed Use of Electric Feeder and Pneumatic Feeder: Mixed use of electric and pneumatic feeders in the same feeder base is available for SM series component placers.The investment in production can be minimized by using these feeders along with existing feeders.

Added a new function maximizing the operational convenience of customers;Easy Component Registration : A Drag &Drop component registration system,allowing registration of component information through automatic recognition and rotation by simply clicking the mouse.(When applying Elite2)

Component Monitoring before/after Placement: Checks for nozzle contamination during production to prevent non-insertion and dumping of a large number of components in advance,ensuring high quality production.

Panorama View Function: Since large-sized components are not viewed in one screen, it is hard to adjust their pickup or placement positions. In order to remove such inconvenience, the panorama view function is added to allow large components to be viewed within the FOV of a camera.

Multi-Vendor Component Management Function: When the same components are supplied from different component supply devices,this function allows components to be used without changing a PCB file and downloading a new PCB file.


Fast Chip Shooter SM 471 Plus

The SM471PLUS is a high performance chip shooter which applies two gantries equipped with 10 spindles per head as well as a new flying vision system. Compared to the existing SM471 model,its placement speed is increased further to 78,000CPH,which is the highest in the world among chip shooters of the same class. In addition, it is basically applicable to components from 0402 (01005inch)chips to maximum □14mm IC components.Its actual productivity and placement quality is improved by applying high-speed and high precision electrical feeders. With two gantries and dual lane, the SM 471 PLUS supports various production modes to maximize the productivity of SM series machines.


78,000 CPH(Optimum); 2 Gantry x 10 Spindles/Head

Applicable Parts : 0402 ~14mm(H 12mm)

Applicable PCB : Max. 510(L) x 460(W)(Standard) , Max. 610(L) x 460(W)(Option)

Placement Accuracy: ±40μm@μ+3σ/Chip, ±50μm@μ+3σ/QFP


Flexible Placer SM 481 Plus

The SM481PLUS can perform high-speed placement of chips at 40,000CPH and QFPs at one per 1.1 seconds, respectively (each at optimum speed)by applying the on-the-fly recognition technology patented by Techwin, which enables component placement at the highest speed among all medium speed component placers.With one gantry structure having a high speed piano head with 10 nozzles,the machine can be operated with minimum manpower using one side of the machine. Being able to produce long boards with lengths of up to 1,500 mm, the machine boasts of its applicability to the largest PCBs among SM series component placers.


49,000 CPH(Optimum); 1 Gantry x 10 Spindles/Head

Applicable Parts : 0402 ~42 mm (H 15mm)

Applicable PCB : Max. 460(L) x 400(W)(Standard) , Max. 1500(L) x 460(W)(Option)

Placement Accuracy: ±40μm@μ+3σ/Chip, ±30μm@μ+3σ/QFP


Multi-Functional Placer SM 482 Plus

The SM482PLUS can be applied to components from 0603 microchips to 22mm lC components by applying the on-the-fly recognition technology patented by Techwin, which enables component placement at the highest speed among all medium speed component placers. In addition, it can recognize components of 42mm with 0.4mm fine pith with a 45mm camera by applying a high pixel vision system to the stage camera.It also allows high precision (30 micron) placement of IC components and provides a polygon recognition algorithm for easy registration of components of complicated shapes.


30,000 CPH(Optimum); 1 Gantry x 6 Spindles/Head

Applicable Parts : 0402 ~22 mm (H 15mm)(Flying), 55 mm (H 15mm)(Stage)

Applicable PCB : Max. 460(L) x 400(W)(Standard) , Max. 1200(L) x 510(W)(Option)

Placement Accuracy: ±40μm@μ+3σ/Chip, ±30μm@μ+3σ/QFP

The above production speed is based on the optimum.It differs depending on the customers production environment.For a more detailed line configuration,please contact our sales person.

Model Name SM471plus SM481 plus SM482 plus
Alignment Flying Vision Flying Vision Flying Vision
+Stage Vision (Option) +Stage Vision
Number of Spindles 10 Spindes x 2 Gantry 10 Spindesx1 Gantry 6 Spindesx 1 Gantry
Placement Speed 78,000CPH(Optimum) 40,000CPH(Optimum) 30,000CPH(Optimum)
Placement Accuracy Chip ±40μm@μ±3σ ±40um@μ±3σ ±40μmaμ±3o
QFP ±50um@μ±3σ ±30um@μ±3o ±30μm@μ±3o
Component Range Flying Vision 0402(01005)~□14mm IC, Connector (Lead Pitch 0.4mm) BGA,CSP(Ball Pitch 0.4mm) 0402(01005)~□16mm IC, Connector (Lead Pitch 0.4mm) BGA,CSP(Ball Pitch 0.4mm) 0402(01005)~□14mm IC, Connector (Lead Pitch 0.4mm) BGA,CSP(Ball Pitch 0.65mm)
/ / 0605(0201)~□22mm IC, Connector (Lead Pitch 0.5mm) BGA,CSP(Ball Pitch 0.75mm)
Stage Vision / 16mm IC, Connector (Lead Pitch 0.3mm) BGA,CSP(Ball Pitch 0.4mm);32mm IC, Connector (Lead Pitch 0.4mm) BGA,CSP(Ball Pitch 0.5mm) 32mm IC, Connector (Lead Pitch 0.3mm) BGA,CSP(Ball Pitch 0.5mm)
Max.Height 12mm 10mm(Option 15mm) 15mm
Board Dimension (mm) Min. 50(L)x40(W)
Max Single Lane 510(L)x460(W), 610(L)x460(W)(Option) 460(L)x400(W), Max.1,500(L)x460(W)(Option) 460(L)x400(W), Max.1,200(L)×510(W)(Option)
Dual Lane 460(L)x250(W), 610(L)x250(W)(Option) / /
PCB Thickness 0.38~4.2
Feeder Capacity (8mm standard) 120ea/112ea(Docking Cart)
Utility Power AC200/208/220/240/380/415V(50/60Hz,3Phase)
Max.5.0kVA Max.3.5kVA Max.3.5kVA
Air Consumption 0.5~0.7MPa(5.0~7.0kgf/cm²)
Mass (kg) Approx.1,820 Approx.1,655 Approx.1,600
External Dimension (mm) 1,650(L)x1,690(D)x1,485(H) 1,650(L)x1,680(D)x1,530(H) 1,650(L)x1,680(D)x1,530(H)