Fully Automatic Solder Paste Printer- PSE

Vision Alignment, Higher Performance

  • Solder Paste 2D Inspection
  • Wide application range
  • Unique sprinkle automatic cleaning system
  • Efficient energy-saving wiping paper-saving structure
  • Unique image processing system, print 0.3mm ultra fine pitch pad perfectly
  • Intelligent printing product mode
  • Printing range: 400*340mm/510*340mm
  • Use international universal UVW three axis linkage platform

Machine Option : automatic add solder paste function. automatic stencil inspection function .automatic dispensing system .squeegee pressure feedback function .automatic MSE/SPI online function .automatic constant temperature and humidity function. Industrial 4.0 intelligence compatible system


Stencil Positioning System

Arch bridge type suspending direct-connected scraper programmable printing head.

lt is applicable for stencils of various sizes.

Automatic stencil positioning system saves the line changeover timeand enhances the overall efficiency.

Double sliders ensures the printing head moving accuracy and stability when scraper is running back and forth

Image and Optical System

Uniform ring light,high brightness coaxial light, and advanced upper /lower vision system.

Full range of light compensation, Automaticand accurate recognized of all type of MARK points.

Applicable for tin plating, copper plating, gold plating, LF-HASL, FPC and other types of PCB with different colors, able to ensure high accuracy.

Cleaning System

Stencil cleaning system is automatic and effective.

Three options, Dry cleaning,Wet cleaning and Vacuum cleaningcan be selected to use,both individually and multiply; And you can also choose to clean manually.

The clean unit is separated from CCD camera, which can minimize the load of motor and impulse, improve the positioning precision and speed, and extend the service life.

Spray system ensures spraying evenly, from top to bottom. Control soft system controls the usage of alcohol and stencil cleaning paper, effectively save more consumables.

Vacuum cleaning is supported with a special fan, powerful and effective.

Specail PlatformCalibration System

The three-axis linkage has ultra-high dynamic characteristics and can quickly adjust PcB boards with different thicknesses.

Operation Interface

Windows XP operation system, easy to learn foruser,with good man-machine interactive function.

Programingis designed with teaching and navigation function, guidance is available on everystep.

Journal/BreakdownRecord/Breakdown Diagnosis

Tansport and Clamping System

Unique belt transmission system avoids being stuck or fall-off of PCB

Programmable motor controls transportspeed and puts PCB in precise position.

Free to choose left or right as the PCB input/output direction.

Flexible side clamp and PCB support vacuum block hold PCB tightly and ensure the full even contact between PCB and stencil.

Machine Option:

Automatic add solder paste function. Automatic stencil inspection function .
Automatic dispensing system . Squeegee pressure feedback function .
Automatic MSE/SPI online function . Automatic constant temperature and humidity function.
Industrial 4.0 intelligence compatible system

Standard Lead time:

Quantity (pieces) 1 – 1 > 1
Lead time (days) 30 To be negotiated

Dimensional Drawing

Packing & Delivery:Standard Wooden Case with Vacuum Package


Fully Automatic Solder Paste Printer- PSE Specification
Sceen Frames Size 370 x 370-737 x 737 mm
Sceen Frames Thickness 25-40mm
PCB Size 50*50-400*340 mm
PCB Thickness 0.4-6mm
PCB Warpage <1%
Transport Height 900+/-40mm
Transport Direction left ⇋ ⇌ right
Transport Speed 1500mm/Second
Support System Magnetic Pin/Support Blocks/Automatic up-down table
Clamping System Side clamping, Vacuum nozzle
Print Head two independent motorized
Squeegee Speed 6-200 mm/second
Print Pressure 0-15 KG, by motor
Squeegee Angle 60°/55°/45°
Squeegee Type Stainless Steel (Standard) /Rubber Squeegee
Stencil Snap-off 0.1-20 mm/second
Cleaning System Dry, Wet, Vacuum, three modes
Table Adjustment Range X/Y +/-10 MM
CCD ( FOV) 8*6 mm
Solder Paste Inspection 2D inspection, Standard
Machine Parameters
Repeat Position Accuracy ±0.01mm
Printing Accuracy ±0.025mm
Cycle Time <7 Second
Changeover Time <5 min
Air Supply 4.5~6Kg/cm²
Power Supply AC220V ± 10%,50/60HZ, 3KW
Control Method PC control
Machine Dimensions 1220*1375*1500mm
Weight 1000KG