PCB Laser Cutting Machine LCM-5

Laser cutting machine, used for cutting FPC, PCBA, Covering film window opening, cutting complex graphics, high accuracy, stable performance, and better cost-effectiveness.


  • Equipped with a high peak power 15W 355nm ultraviolet laser, the power is stable with small attenuation, and there is no need to worry about the impact of power attenuation on cutting quality and speed;
  • Integrated high-precision scanning galvanometer and high-precision linear motor platform, with high operating accuracy;
  • Professional cutting software can directly import DXF graphics made by CAD, and accurately cut according to the input graphics, leading to precise and efficient cutting;
  • After optimizing the design of the optical path, the speed and effect can be optimized at the same power level, and efficient dust prevention treatment can be carried out to effectively reduce equipment downtime, cleaning and maintenance cycles;
  • The equipment adopts a marble shockproof platform, with a stable and solid overall structure, and an integrated closed structure, providing guarantee for high-speed, high-precision, and high yield production; The software is compatible with various types of functions, easy to operate, easy to learn and understand, and can learn basic operations in a short time;
  • Suitable for SMT production lines, mainly used for cutting FPC, PCB, fingerprint module, camera module, TYPE-C interface, and various precision PCB/FPC boards with corresponding stress requirements in the 3C industry production.



Mode ULM-2W/3W/5W ULM-7W/10W
Laser Wave length 355nm 355nm
The maximum laser power 2W/3W/5W 7W/10W
Beam quality M² 1.1 1.3
Q-frequency 0-90kHz 0-90kHz
The minimum mark character 0.1mm 0.1mm
Marking the minimum line width 0.01mm 0.015mm
Marking speed 400 Characters /sec 500 Characters /sec
Repeatability ±0.001mm ±0.001mm
Engraving range 110×110mm/180×180mm option 110×110mm/180×180mm option
Power Requirements 220V/50Hz/10A 220V/50Hz/10A
Cooling system Water cooling Water cooling