Horizontally OK/NG Unloader

This machine is used for PCB automatic unloading operation and seperate OK/NG board



  • Strong, firm and stable design
  • Friendly’soft touch’ LED Membrane switch ( Optional touch screen control)
  • Top & bottom clamps to ensure magazine postion accurate
  • Good design guarantee No PCB will be broken during handling
  • Automatical diagnosing fault code display function
  • Wear-resistant cable and have long service life
  • Compatible SMEMA interface


Model Dimension (MM) PCB Size (MM) Weight (KG)
HU-250 1800*1435*1250 50*80-330*250 310
HU-330 2065*1690*1250 50*80-445*330 340
HU-390 2330*1810*1250 50*80-530*390 370
HU-460 2330*1950*1250 50*80-530*460 400


Item Technical Parameters
Magazine Transfer Quantity Upper 1, Lower 1;
Magazine replace time Around 30 seconds (Or customized)
Step distance 10/20/30/40mm or specify
Transport Height 900士20mm (Or customized)
Transport Direction From left to right or right to left
Main power supply AC:110 or 220 V , 300W
Air Source 4~6Kgf/cm2