In Line Selective Wave Soldering Machine- ISW 1, Welding Real-Time Monitoring

Welding Real-Time Monitoring;

More Faster; Safe, stable, easy to operate, high precision and efficiency, excellent quality, no solder connection, energy-saving, tin saving, and flux saving, more than 90%


Product Advantages

  • Flux spray, preheating and welding units can complete the whole welding process in a small machine space;
  • The equipment adopts selective wave soldering technology for welding, with precise point-to-point welding and high welding quality
  • Adopting the latest version of operating software, with a user-friendly human-machine interface and easy to understand operation;
  • Real time monitoring of welding process and process recording
  • Anti fooling operation, more convenient to use. Good welding consistency reduces quality risks.


Suitable for single head, double head, and multi head nozzles, with precise and perfect point-to-point welding to achieve high-quality soldering without connecting tin or empty soldering. After soldering, there is no need to wash the board, 1 machine top with 5 manual workers, solder and flux savings of 90%

Supports image and Geger file import programming, making programming intuitive, convenient, and fast

Solder nozzle not easily clogged, corrosion-resistant, and has a long lifespan


Why Need Selective Wave Soldering


Selective Spray and Soldering System- ISW1
Item Parameter
Size 1250L*1350W*1700H (mm)
Machine frame and cover Aluminium extruded sections frame + Door
Operating height 900±25mm
Power supply 220V 50/60HZ
Total power 6KW
Working power 1KW
PCB size Max:330(L)*250(W)(mm)
Top component height Max180mm
Bottom component height Max30mm
PCB Weight Max10Kg
PCB Tab Edge >3mm
Spray movement mode PCB movement in XYZ axis
Flux volume 2L
Flux add mode Manual
Spray nozzle type Needle
Spray cycle time 1 Sec/ soldered dot
Spray movement precision 0.05mm
Spray flow control pressure gage + flow valve
Welding movement mode PCB movement in XYZ axis
Movement mode Step motor + linear rail
Solder feeding mode Manual( Option: auto)
Solder capacity 16KG
Solder melting time 20min
Solder nozzle size Standard D 8mm, other sizes is option
Solder cycle time 1 Sec/ soldered dot
Temperature control mode PID+SSR
Temperature setting range Max400 ℃
Temperature accuracy ±2℃
Waver height Max 5mm
Welding precision 0.1mm
Solder dross 0.2Kg/8H(Not N2 protection);0.01Kg/8H( N2 protection)
N2 protection mode Nozzle and solder pot
N2 consumption 2M³/h
N2 flow control Digital flow control
Exhaust quantity 1 PCS
Exhaust volume About 5m³/h
Control mode Computer + PLC
PCB Process parameter Setting, save , open in the touch screen
buzzer Prompt sound from the buzzer
Other PCB counting, message, alarm can be read in the touch screen
Option QR code scanner