Wave Soldering Machine GT200SW

Lead-free single wave soldering machine


Features of Wave Soldering Machine GT200SW :

1.Open-top style streamlined shell design, beautiful appearance, easy to clean.

2.New nozzle design; The oxidation amount of tin slag is very low. The liquid tin flow design principle is adopted to reduce the impact oxidation amount of tin, which greatly reduces the oxidation amount of tin when soldering PCB board.

3.PLC + touch screen control technology to ensure system reliability and stability.

4.Heating system: the temperature adopts PID closed-loop control, temperature control is stable and reliable.

5.Flux spray device: stepper motor closed-loop automatic tracking spray system, spray width and spray time can be automatically adjusted, and can be set in advance and extend the spray time as needed; Isolated design, pull-out and removable, easy to clean and maintain.

6.Man-machine interface: the brand touch screen is used to ensure the reliability and stability of the system.

7.Automatic switch machine: according to the date, time and temperature control parameters set by the user.

8.Economic operation: automatic spray flux over the plate, automatic wave peak, minimize the flux usage and tin oxidation amount.


Equipment dimension diagram


Model GT200SW
PCB transport height Max.750 ± 50mm
PCB transport direction L-R
PCB transport speed 0-2.0 M/Min
PCB working width 50 ~ 200mm adjustable
Preheating zone length 350mm
Preheating zone number 1
Preheating temperature Room temperature ~ 250 ℃
Power for preheating 4kw
Conveyor Angel 3 ~ 7 °
Solder type Lead-free / ordinary solder
Wave 1
Solder capacity 90kg
Solder temperature Room temperature ~ 300 ± 1 ℃
Power for solder pot 6kw
Temperature control type PID+SSR
Wave Height 0-12mm, adjustable
Sprayer Moving type Stepper Motor
Power 3Phase (5W, 3P) 380V
Power for heating up 11kw
Power for operation Approx. 1.5kw
Air supply 4-7 kg/cm2
Weight Approx. 400kg
Dimensions L * W * H 1800 * 1000 * 1450mm