Large Cooling Buffer

This machine is used as a cooling buffer after the reflow oven



  • Touch screen controller, easy to operate
  • Fully enclosed design ensures operational safety
  • Use durable rollers for transmission(no need to replace belts)
  • Three modes: FIFO,LIFO,PASS
  • Parallel and smooth width adjustment (ball screw)
  • Fast, smooth and accurate retrieval and positioning
  • Fast cooling
  • Smooth transmission


Model Dimension PCB Size Weight
LCB-350 L1500×W1495×H1760mm 150*150-1200*350 mm 300 KG
Item Technical Parameters
Cycle time About 10 S
PCB Capacity 24 PCS (25mm space) or customized
Transport Height 900士20mm (Or customized)
Transport Direction From left to right or right to left
Main power supply AC:110 or 220 V , 3000W