Selective Coating Machine- SCM4

  • Self-developed nozzles ,which can switch if production needed; And excellent glue-supply system can meet coating process requirements.
  • Servo motor+linear module drive Four-axis,Accuracy reaches 0.02mm.
  • Programmable spray route,manual-teach,and CAD importable.
  • Low pressure atomisation effection can be realized with clear boundary and minimum pollution.


Technical Features

  • The motion control system of X, Y, and Z axes accurately achieves selective spraying technology for various circuit boards to avoid non coated areas such as connectors. And it can accurately rotate and tilt the spraying at any angle to extend to the root corners of large components on the circuit board, achieving repair or difficult spraying actions.
  • According to the material characteristics, corresponding high-precision spray valves and feeding systems can be selected and equipped. Flexible valve body assembly allows for automatic switching of operations during movement, and enables multi trajectory spraying such as linear spraying, dispensing, and curve spraying, achieving high-density and complex circuit board spraying processes.
  • It can accurately achieve the function of oblique spraying on the side or obstructed parts of circuit board components.
  • The chain transmission track adopts hard treatment to make the track wear-resistant; The chain adopts imported stainless steel chains to ensure stable and reliable long-term transmission of the equipment, and the chain speed can be controlled through software. The transmission track can also be equipped with multi-stage control, saving the time of incoming and outgoing material transmission.
  • All equipment adopts SMC precision pressure switches, with accurate air pressure quantification to achieve precise coating and dispensing control.
  • The coating system is equipped with an online UV detection device, which can monitor the coating effect in real time.
  • The flow regulation of the glue valve increases the precision dial, the glue amount control is more precise, the clarity of the spray edge is improved to 1mm, and the spray shadow is eliminated.
  • Equipped with a pressure alarm device, it automatically sounds and sounds an alarm when the pressure is too low, increasing equipment safety.
  • Adopting intelligent speed control transmission method (to increase transmission speed while reducing collision between the product and the baffle, which can accurately locate).
  • A transmission and control system with high speed, high reliability, and high stability, and linear modules made of imported high-precision ball screws and imported linear rolling guides are used for each axis motion mechanism.
  • The equipment is equipped with a liquid level monitoring system, which can monitor the amount of material used in the rubber storage bucket, remind operators to add materials in a timely manner, and play a preventive role.
  • The system has an automatic valve immersion function to prevent the rubber valve from being exposed to air for a long time and causing blockage, which can affect product quality.
  • Equipped with high-performance and high-capacity industrial control computers (PCs) from well-known brands, the stability and reliability of the control system are achieved.
  • The software program adopts a Chinese character operation interface, which is simple, easy to learn, stable and reliable. The software program has CAD graphic input for automatic programming; Automatic programming for data input; There are three programming modes for keyboard and joystick remote control input to automatically program any trajectory. The operating software reserves open ports for users to collect production information.
  • Multiple optional functions can be flexibly added according to needs.
  • The standard SMEMA interface allows for flexible integration with various devices.

Selective Coating Machine SCM-4
Item Parameter
Control System Industrial computer+control card
Caoting Area W460mm*L450mm
Component Height MAX UP 200, Down 100mm
X/Y Axis Movement mode Servo motor+precision screw module drive
Z Axis Movement mode Servo motor+high-precision screw module
X/Y/Z Axis moving precision 0.02mm
Applicability of glue Viscosity range 0-1300 cps
Noozle Type Cone, Sector, Dispensing
Coating Thickness 0.02-2mm (Diffent Glue)
Size 1050mm×1250mm×1700mm
Weight 800kg±10kg
Operating height 920±30mm
Power supply 220V 50/60HZ
Power 1.8kw
Air 0.4-0.7MPa
Option AIR Exhauster
Bar code scanning function
Electronic Balance
CCD auxiliary positioning function
Glue volume monitoring warning