In-line X-Ray Inspection Equipment- XI8

  • High performance High definition High resolution;
  • Mainly used in Semiconductor, Substrate, Lead Frame & Wire Bonding Inspection
  • Package type:W/B、IC、F/C…
  • Defect type:Void、Open、Short、Sweep、Solder ball…


Function Features

  • 2um closed tube,high resolution
  • UPH>50K
  • NG Laser marking
  • Automatic inspection
  • Magazine loader and unloader
  • SPC chart and CPK&GRR




Checking Ability

Void under Die Solder bridge Sagging Wire
Insufficient Glue Smashed / Broken Wire Distorted Wire
Die placement Missing Wire Lifted Stitch /Wedge
Solder ball Void Malformed Ball Stray Wire
Excess Solder ball Lifted Ball NSOB(Non-stick on Bump)
Insufficient Solder Bond Tailing At Bump


Inspection Hidden BGA Flaws


Model XI-8 Summary
Dimension 2200(W)×1250(D)×1960(H)mm
Machine Weight 2700 kg
Power Supply AC 110/220V, 50/60H
Power 6.5 kW
X-Ray Tube
Tube Type Seale
Voltage 40~110kV (Adjustable)
Current 200 μA
Focus Spot Size 2 μm
Imaging System
Detector Flat Panel Detector (FPD)
Effective Detection Area 116.4*145.7mm
Pixel Matrix 2352*2944
Pixel Size 49.5 μm
Motion Control System
Movement Control Keypad & Mouse
Max. Loading Area 310*110mm
Max. Inspection Area 270*100mm
Industrial PC
Monitor 24’’ FHD Interactive Touch LCD Display
System OS Windows 10 64bit
Hard disk 1TB
CPU model Intel i7 Processor
Other Features
Door Open Electric Sliding
Authority Management Fingerprint Access Management System, and Support Password Accessing.
X-Ray Safety <1μSv/h (Meets All International Standards)
Safety Operation Electromagnetic Interlock, Warning Light and Real-time Radiation Leakage Monitor