• Ceramic board is an insulating material that provides a stable and rigid platform for installing electronic components and conducts.
  • Ceramic boards are with excellent thermal management and electrical insulation properties.
  • Ceramic boards have been applied in various industries due to their unique performance combinations, such as high thermal conductivity, electrical insulation, mechanical strength, and corrosion resistance.
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Materials for Ceramic: Alumina,aluminm nitride,silicon nitride and other ceramic materials,silicon carbide,sapphire,glass and other transparent wafer materials;

(Al2O₃)PCB It is the most commonly used ceramic PCB in the current market due to its affordable price, and excellent performance. Aluminum oxide has good thermal conductivity and electrical resistance. Therefore, when using alumina PCBs, there is no need to add an insulation layer.

Al N PCB, High thermal conductivity and resistance, high hardness, high mechanical strength, high electrical insulation, strong corrosion resistance, high biocompatibility, and thermal expansion coefficient close to Si.

SiC PCB, Even at 1400 ° C, it has good strength, extremely high thermal conductivity and resistance, good semiconductor conductivity, and high hardness; SiC has the characteristics of Si, therefore it has properties similar to semiconductors. In other words, unlike other ceramic PCBs, SiC PCBs do not have high insulation properties.

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We use raw materials from famous brands, have established incoming material inspection regulations that comply with international and customer standards, constantly trace and promote supplier quality improvement activities, and build and maintain strong cooperation with suppliers.

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Feature Ceramic Board Parameter
Material Alumina,aluminm nitride,silicon nitride and other
ceramic materials,silicon carbide,sapphire,glass and
other transparent wafer materials
Board thickness 0.127mm-3mm,Support customization
Layers Single-layer,single-sided,single-double-sided
copper thickness 0.5mm-5mm
Surface metal layer Titanium,copper,nickel,silver,gold,palladium,tin
Line width and space ≥0.05mm
Minimum hole diameter(mm) 0.06mm
Profile tolerance +/-0.05mm
Minimum distance from line to board edge(mm) 0.1mm
Tolerance of finished product thickness(mm) (Finished board 0.25-0.38mm) 土0.03mm
(Finished board 0.38-0.635mm) 土0.04m
(Finished board 0.76-2.00mm) 土0.05mm
Hole diameter tolerance NP hole+/-0.05mm; Plated hole +/-0.076mm