Electric Knife Splitter /Cutting Machine EC-6

Suitable for cutting PCB fiberboard, aluminum substrate, copper substrate, and ceramic plate; Widely used in industries such as automobiles, power supplies, computers, home appliances, mobile phones, connectors, LED, etc..


Due to the depth of the v-groove and the loss of the tool, the distance between the upper and lower straight knives can be accurately adjusted. It can solve the parting of the parts across the v-groove. Reduce the internal stress generated when cutting the board to avoid tin cracking

The slitting speed is controlled by the knob, and the board stroke can be freely set and displayed by the LCD. Conveyor belts can be added as required to improve performance.

Three sets of electric eye protection to ensure safe production

Splitting length (mm): 460MM or customized longer

Splitting speed (mm/s) :100/200/300/500mm/s adjustable

Plate thickness (mm): 0.3-3.5MM

Operating voltage (v): 220V/60Hz

Motor: DC motor 40W, speed 1800r

Machine weight : 55KG

Size: 780X460x560mm

Starting method: Foot Pedal