Manual Splitter/ Cutting Machine MC-6

Suitable for cutting PCB fiberboard, aluminum substrate, copper substrate, and ceramic plate; Widely used in industries such as automobiles, power supplies, computers, home appliances, mobile phones, connectors, LED, etc..

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The principle of manual slitting machine: Align the V-shaped groove of the V-CUT connecting plate to be slitted with the cutting edge of the lower cutting blade, then manually push the handle, and the circular blade moves left and right to separate the V-CUT connecting plate.


  1. Simple operation and fast speed.
  2. Minimize the internal stress generated during plate cutting to avoid tin cracking.
  3. Any PCB board with V-CUT can be applied to this machine.
  4. The upper and lower circular knives can be precisely adjusted.
  5. The round knife can be used multiple times for turning and grinding

External dimensions: 620 * 260 * 310mm

PCB thickness: 0.3-3.5mm

Maximum panel length: 460mm

Machine weight: 38kg